ClinBook™ labels include multiple pages of study information within each clinical label to address the needs of multi-language studies. This enables users to prepare and ship clinical materials to multiple countries without having to utilize country specific labels. These labels are applied to clinical materials in the same manner as regular pressure sensitive labels. Lifting a durable resealable plastic cover on the top surface of the label allows access to the multi-page section.

Each page can be printed with different text and graphics for your study. The cover normally incorporates variable data and globally important information for your study. Each booklet page typically contains non-variable text for one language that may be part of your clinical trial. A title page and an index, which refers to the page number of each language, can also be included because of the large page capacity of ClinBook™ labels.

ClinBook™ labels are available in various configurations that can be designed to meet your clinical label needs. These include our partial base roll label for highly curved surfaces and our full base roll label for flat surfaces. Both of these label types may be single panel or include peel-able multi-panel configurations.

Please Contact Us to discuss your ClinBook™ requirements.

Large Page Capacity
Up to 48 pages of copy can be printed within each ClinBook™ label
Size Flexibility
Labels can be converted in a range of standard or custom sizes to fit your labeling requirements
High Quality Printing
Up to 4 colors can be printed in each booklet to communicate your text, graphics & corporate identity
Quality Assurance
All labels are manufactured under strict cGMP controls
Cost Efficient
ClinBook™ labels eliminate the need for country specific labels or ancillary labels
Variable Data
Clinical data, to support all study designs, can be included on your ClinBook™ label
Multiple Panels
Available in 1, 2 and 3 part configurations; peel-able panels on roll formats
Blinded Labels
ClinBooks™ can be provided with Scratch-Off Unblinding Laminates
Bar Codes
Any data element can be encoded for packaging, field or reconciliation control
Durable Plastic
ClinBooks™ are made with clear, tinted or white resealable plastic covers
All languages are supported
Die Designs
Labels can be provided with straight-cuts or slop-cuts for small dispenser application
Partial Base Roll ClinBook™ Construction
Partial Base construction for smooth application on curved surfaces
Auto Application
All our designs can be automatically applied