ClinStock™ is a premium line of label stock products that Clinical Systems supplies to the pharmaceutical industry. These label stocks are specifically designed for use by clinical supply departments for the computer printing of clinical study labels. Labels are available from our in-house inventories or converted for you on a custom basis. This allows you to obtain the correct combination of size and structural configuration with the appropriate facesheet, ink, adhesive and liner material for your requirements. Labels can be finished in fanfolds, rolls or sheets for use with a wide variety of computer printer technologies.

Clinical Label products are available for primary container labels, secondary container labels, kit labels, shipment/packer labels and auxiliary labels. These labels are usually composed of pressure sensitive materials and can be specifically designed to function for your trial objective. Most clinical trials utilize multiple panel labels so that sections of the labels can be removed at perforations and placed in a case report for a record of dispensing. We have designed labels with one to eight detachable panels to enable our customers to control all types of clinical trial labeling situations.

Treatment unblinder reports are used to provide unblinding documents separate from the labeled study materials. Our treatment unblinders are similar in construction to blinded labels and can be supplied in continuous fanfolds or separated for individual patient packs, block sizes or other shipping configurations.

To order ClinStock™ labels Contact Us or call us and speak with our label stock specialists. They will match one of our inventory items or custom design a label product to meet your requirements.


Open & blinded pressure sensitive label stocks
One-panel and multi-panel designs
Special temperature label stocks
Opaque materials for blinding & over-labeling
Color coded stocks
Treatment unblinder reports
Blinding laminates
Finishing in fanfolds, rolls or sheets
Thermal transfer ribbons in black and colors

Approved product specifications
Lot based system of manufacturing
Inspection and release procedure
Retained documentation