Clinical Randomization

Our systems can create randomization data for all types of CTM requirements. Patient randomization, material randomization and random sequence coding can be produced to suit your data needs for any type of clinical trial. Data is generated using our validated ClinPro/LBL™ system in a qualified environment. Our capabilities include:

Patient Randomization
Patients can be randomized to treatment groups in specified block sizes. Multiple block sizes and ratios of distribution can be utilized within each randomization. Stratifications and other group sub-divisions can be statistically created and identified with unique codings. Center specific data can be generated with different information for each site.

Material Randomization
Materials codes can be generated to identify clinical dispensers for use in material pooling studies. Data can be produced in ascending order with or without blocking factors. Random sequences in variable or specified ranges can be allocated across the material range. Alternate group and material identifications can be associated with any material or any range.

Data can be provided as a working file, PDF document, custom hard copy report or a standard system report. Each project is reviewed prior to execution and after generation to be certain that your clinical needs are being fulfilled correctly.

Please Contact Us to discuss your Clinical Randomization design.