ClinPro/IMS is the Most Purpose-Built Inventory Management System in the Industry

Clinpro IMS

At Clinical Systems Inc., our primary mission is to provide you with ready-to-apply clinical labels for all of your trial requirements.

Producing your unique clinical labels requires a special combination of technical prowess, well integrated quality systems and an experienced and knowledgeable staff. Critical to our process is the utilization of ClinPro/IMS, a part of our suite of proprietary software systems.

ClinPro/IMS—Inventory Management System

ClinPro/IMS inventories and maintains product and lot information for all of our label items. This information is used by our QA department to sample all of our lots and release approved materials for use in our contact services area. When we convert and store raw material label products, the system assigns a lot code for each received product and generates container labels to identify each unit of the lot with a unique location. The system provides extensive reporting capabilities so that every aspect of our inventory can be tracked and maintained.

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