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Clinical Booklet Labels to Support Your Unique Study

Clinical Systems, Inc. specializes in producing the highest quality clinical labels to support all your unique study needs. We provide both Clinical Booklet Labels and Conventional Clinical Labels.

Clinical Booklet Labels are used when conducting global clinical trials where flexibility to distribute the clinical supplies to a range of international locations is necessary. We accomplish this by creating a booklet of pages that contain label text for multiple languages, positioned inside a reseal-able cover. The clinical booklet labels can then be adhered to various packages for multinational trials.

Booklet Configurations for Every Clinical Package

Clinical Booklet Labels are designed in several different configurations dependent upon the clinical dispenser or layer of packaging they are being applied to. All our booklet labels can be opened and resealed to gain access to the data on the individual pages when required. Here are some of our most common booklet designs:

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  • Full Base Label—Designed for use on flat surfaces including cartons, kits and cards.
  • Partial Base Labels—Designed for use with cylindrical clinical containers such as bottles, vials, canisters and syringes.
  • Wrap Around Label—Similar to partial base labels but designed as 2 page designs to replace the need for flag labels. Like regular Partial Base Labels, these labels can be wrapped around onto themselves for use with small circumference containers.
  • 2-Base Label—Used when it is necessary to wrap a booklet label around one or more edges of a box or carton. It is important to have all the packaging component dimensions when designing this type of label.

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