Singularly Focused on Clinical Labels

To be a leader in a field as demanding as clinical trial label production, you not only need to have the highest quality end-product, use good manufacturing processes and deliver with urgency and accuracy 100% of the time. You must also understand your client’s needs completely because there is so much at stake. Why? Because [...]

At Clinical Systems Inc., our primary mission is to provide you with ready-to-apply clinical labels for all of your trial requirements

We provide Clinical Booklet Labels and Conventional Clinical Labels that are available in a variety of configurations to support all of your unique study needs. Labels can be provided on rolls or fan-folded to support your preferred packaging methods. Accurate Labeling Plays a Crucial Role in Directing Treatment Producing clinical labels requires a special combination [...]

A New Digital Capability for the Next Generation of Clinical Labeling

Clinical Systems, Inc., has always been at the leading edge in clinical label innovations. As digital options have emerged, we have leveraged cutting-edge technologies to develop and deploy our ground-breaking eClinicalLabel—a new capability for the next generation of clinical labeling. Using RFID technology, Clinical Systems can now encode NFC (Near Field Communication) eLabels that will [...]